Citizen Central Solution consists of 3 modules: -

a) Citizen Central Mobility Platform

b) Citizen Central App

c) Talk2Smarty Chatbot

Our Offerings

    AS A Service
    APIs for SMS, Email, Mobile Apps,
    Voice and Authentication.
  • CROSS Channel Communication Platform
    Create conversation workflows across
    channels triggered on consumer action.
  • AI DRIVEN Conversation
    Build, Host and Manage intelligent,
    NLP enabled Chat Bots.

Citizen Central Notification Studio

Citizen Central Notification Studio allows Smart City teams to combine various channels like Email, SMS, Push Notifications etc. across diverse platforms and mission critical applications under Smart City project. This enables real-time ‘contextual’ responses to citizens’ queries regarding citizen services, enabling intelligent conversations across channels.

  • Smart city to smart citizen connect across channels
  • Descriptive and predictive analysis for better service
  • Long term ROI
  • Scalable tech
  • Futuristic

Citizen Central Notification Studio Diagram

Citizen Central Engagement Studio

Citizen Central’s workflow dashboard enables 100% GUI drag-and-drop designing of complex workflows with rule based engines to enable accurate responses to common citizen queries.

  • » Unified Citizen Profile - Unify your citizen data to identify your citizen's behavioral and engagement traits
  • » Superior Data Segmentation - Experience a unified and personalized data view for a granular and targeted citizen segmentation
  • » Seamless Engagement - Plan, create and execute marketing Automation Campaigns effortlessly
  • » Contextual Marketing - Target Citizens in real time over Relevant channels based on user behavior and action
  • » Comprehensive Outreach - Wide Variety of in-house communication Channels assuring best delivery experience
  • » Intelligence - Experience the power of artificial intelligence, predict what your citizens think and optimize accordingly
  • » Ease of Implementation - Let your IT team take a backseat for once. Implement the entire Platform on your own!

Citizen Central Engagement Studio Design View

Talk2Smarty Chatbot

Talk2Smarty is an AI driven bot platform that develops and enables chatbots to cater to citizen intent across functions whilst delivering a seamless experience.

  • » SMS - Bitly url in the text message
  • » Social - Messenger In the ads
  • » Email - In the Emailer CTA
  • » Web & Mobile - Chat Widget on website Web View chat on app
Bot Platform Overview